craftsmanship for your world PLUMBING   BATHROOMS   KITCHENS   INTERIORS CBM Improvements Ltd, 1 Peplow Close, Burton Salmon, North Yorkshire LS25 5RA Interior Case Study 1 This project was a very interesting one, converting a garage to a garden room, as the owner had a good idea of the look he was after from the start.  The roof had eight Velux windows fitted overall so the light just fills the space and at night, because of the low light pollution, the stars make for a fantastic view. Interior Case Study 2 Here the customer was looking for an en-suite to be created in the corner of his bedroom, which had no existing pipework.  I had a long discussion with the customer on the various options available, covering how the pipe work would be run to the new en-suite and where to locate the pump for the power shower.  As a result of this they were happy I could provide them with what they were looking for. To view, click on images “I’m really, really happy, I have had problems in the past but I am really impressed.” Paul, Hillam "Bob and Michael just wanted to say thank you for all the work you have done we really appreciate your attention to detail it has been a refreshing change." Rob, Wetherby